Most Catches in an Innings by Keeper
All Matches, All Grades, Maddington 5, 14-Oct-2017 to 03-Feb-2018
# Name Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Catches
1 Ozanne,Paul Maddington 14-Oct-2017 Armadale Away OD-E 2
2 Michael,Scott Maddington 28-Oct-2017 Kenwick Away OD-E 2
3 Sutton, Adam Maddington 16-Dec-2017 Piara Waters Away OD-E 2
4 Gibbons,Scott Maddington 27-Jan-2018 Cockburn Away OD-E 2
5 Gibbons,Scott Maddington 11-Nov-2017 Kelmscott Away OD-E 1
6 DeCastro, Anthony Maddington 18-Nov-2017 Cockburn Away OD-E 1
7 Gibbons,Scott Maddington 25-Nov-2017 Kenwick Away OD-E 1
8 Gibbons,Scott Maddington 13-Jan-2018 Piara Waters Away OD-E 1
9 Gibbons,Scott Maddington 20-Jan-2018 Pheonix Away OD-E 1
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