Hat Tricks
All Matches, All Grades, Maddington, 21-Oct-1956 to 24-Mar-2018
# Name Club Date Opposition Ground Grade O-M-R-W
1 Plummer, Alby Maddington 09-Mar-1968 Byford Away 2nd's 2.3-0-7-3
2 Plummer, Alby Maddington 09-Nov-1974 Kalumunda Home 3rd's 8.1-4-16-6
3 Carlisle,P Maddington 14-Feb-1981 Brentwood Away 3rd's 14-0-81-3
4 Mapstone, Keith Maddington 11-Dec-1993 Kelmscott Home 1st 4-0-27-3
5 Thompson, P Maddington 05-Feb-1994 Thornlie Away 5A's 9-1-38-4
6 Plummer, Alby Maddington 09-Dec-1995 Cannington Home 2B's 8-1-15-5
7 McNamara, S Maddington 21-Oct-1995 Riverton/Rostrata Home 1st 16-5-54-4
8 Solari, D Maddington 09-Nov-1996 Willetton Away 3B's 6-2-11-5
9 Kelly, Aaron Maddington 26-Feb-2000 Leeming Away 6A's 6-0-16-4
10 Thompson, P Maddington 29-Jan-2000 Kardinya Home 2A's 11.4-1-24-8
11 Bond, Rodney Maddington 23-Nov-2002 Forrestdale Home 6A's 6.5-0-22-5
12 McCaughan, B Maddington 29-Nov-2003 Leeming Home 4B's 4.5-0-25-3
13 Lane, Grant Maddington 08-Nov-2003 Cockburn Home 3B's 11-6-6-7
14 Plummer, Alby Maddington 25-Oct-2003 Kwinana Home 4B's 24.5-7-60-5
15 Harris, M Maddington 04-Jan-2003 East Fremantle Home 6A's 5.3-1-30-5
16 Richardson, Anthony Maddington 29-Oct-2005 CBC Home 2nd's 6-2-23-1
17 Donaldson,Ron Maddington 18-Nov-2006 Armadale Away OD-B 8-1-30-4
18 DeCastro, Michael Maddington 15-Dec-2007 Leeming Away 5th's 8-1-22-3
19 McNaughton, Andrew Maddington 16-Oct-2010 CBC Home OD-D 8-1-41-6
20 Anderson,Peter Maddington 13-Feb-2010 Hilton Home 2nd's 8-4-10-4
21 Anderson,Peter Maddington 08-Oct-2011 Kwinana Home 2nd's 4-2-6-3
22 Hales, Geoff Maddington 19-Mar-2011 SJ Blues Home 2nd's 18-7-32-2
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